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There are so many advantages to learning the Italian language. It ​​is a great way to grow professionally, keep the mind engaged, prepare for your next trip, socialize, and have fun.


Our Italian Interactive lessons will take place in stages.


Each lesson will include a virtual tour dedicated to a region and city of Italy, where you will learn the romantic Italian language and culture in a fun and interactive way together with an Italian teacher.


The lessons will be supported by video, enabling you to tour Italy virtually and become familiar with ordinary travel situations.  You will also learn a touch of grammar here and there, everyday words and their pronunciation, the typical dishes of various regions, Italian songs, and essential tips for your next trip to Italy.


All with a tasty slice of a typical Italian cake and a glass of fresh sparkling prosecco to make everything more bubbly and fun!


Hurry!  Book your ticket to go with us on this fabulous adventure!


The package includes:


Two hours of Italian Interactive Lessons with an Italian teacher.

A glass of wine and a slice of cake.

Our first lesson will be held on: 


Monday, June 20th from 4 pm to 6 pm


Amore Bistrot

145 E D Street

Benicia, CA

You can book online or at the Bistrot and can purchase just one lesson for $80 or five lessons for $360 (which includes a 10% off discount!)


You will receive a punch card, which we will punch to indicate that you have completed a lesson.


To book your lessons online, please click the link below and select ‘Interactive Italian Lessons’ at the bottom of the menu.  Make sure to write the date of your lessons in the instructions box.

* Please keep in mind that we must meet our class minimum of 6 students.  If we do not reach our class minimum, we will notify you and provide you with a credit for a future class.

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