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1) If you came looking for good, wholesome food…you are in the right place.

2) If you don’t expect your leftovers to last 2 weeks in the refer…you are in the right place.

3) If you think Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons don’t make your food taste better…you are in the right place.

4) If you believe “Roundup® Ready” corn is not ok to eat…you are in the right place.

5) If you understand that good quality food is necessary for good health…then for sure you are in the right place.

We believe food is a love sign. It keeps you alive and is a gift from nature. We honor the quality of the food we start with by treating it carefully, only doing what is necessary to make it delicious. Our bodies require food to exist, and the better the food the better our bodies react to it. Imagine feeding your car bad gasoline or your pet artificial food. Neither would be well for long.

Eat good food, you deserve it.

So let’s define “good food.” It's not just good tasting, but good for you and good for the world.  GMO food is illegal in Italy (as well as most of Europe) and we will not use it because of long term risks and short term impacts on the human body. Organic is good, though we know some producers who are as natural as organic but cannot afford the certification and we will use them.

Use good food at home, you will feel better when you do. (Nobody in a hospital bed with clogged arteries ever said “I’m glad I saved all that money eating cheap, bad for me, food”.)




a) Expect delicate flavors that enhance the great products we use and let their natural goodness shine through;

b) We don’t set out to be healthy, we just are because nothing is processed, everything is natural.

c) Ingredients you can pronounce (and draw pictures of because they are real things) and count on one hand;

d) We believe in seasons and know that foods have seasons. When tomatoes are not their best, you won’t see fresh tomatoes on the menu. If we don’t like it we won’t serve it to you.  Sorry.

e) A menu item may change flavors from time to time. Allowing food to grow naturally means that sometimes the zucchini is sweeter than other times. Different varieties mature at different times of the season and we want to use the best, not just “the same.”  Not better or worse, just different. This variety is how you can know we use “real” food;

f) Massimo cooks from his heart as much as from his head. When he thinks something needs more salt or more oil it is because he wants the final masterpiece to taste great, not just to taste like it always tastes. Expect our food to be delicious, not the exact same every time. (Michelangelo painted many pictures with the same paints, each one beautiful and each one different.)

g) We are inviting you into our “home” to eat, and we are pretty particular what we are willing to feed you. We want to share our Italian culture with you, so don’t expect American food with tomato sauce slathered on it with cheap cheese. It may not be what you expect, but it will be authentic. Don’t judge it against what you are used to getting in America…that is not Italian food, just some Italian spices;

h) Look at a meal like an opera. There should be some anticipation for the curtain to go up, you should enjoy each act (one after another, not all at the same time), and you may enjoy one aria more than the rest (Personal favorite: La Dona e mobile from Rigoletto). As Massimo would say, “Is normal.”

i) If you didn’t infer it from the prior item, yes, a good meal should be enjoyed "one act at a time."  How can you savor the delicate flavor of the homemade bechamel in the lasagna if the salad dressing is running into it? A good meal should be a gift to yourself. Don’t rush through it. When you take the time to smell the roses (er…basil), you will come to enjoy each bite. Don’t be surprised if you start to lose weight because relaxed, progressive eating allows your "satiation enzymes" to catch up with your stomach. Bonus points!

j) Please don’t expect a lot of options. If you ask to substitute, add, subtract or change something in an order (other than for medical reasons), you won’t be ordering the Italian food listed but will be making up your own version. We may be ok with that, but don’t expect it to still be "Italian food."

k) This is not packaged food. Every item is made here (except for the ones that someone else makes better than us, like the cantucci [biscotti]). There will be times when we are not satisfied with the preparation of your meal and we WILL NOT serve it to you just to be quick.  We will do it again. It may take a couple more minutes, but we only want to serve you food we are proud of. [We have a list of fast-food restaurants available to give you if you would rather trade time for taste. We won’t.]

l) Please don’t accept bitter espresso from anywhere. It’s not IPA beer. The reason all espresso is sold inside a sweet blended drink is because you can’t drink their espresso on its own. Espresso is a mainstay in Italy and should drink like unsweetened chocolate, which it is a cousin of. Not sweet, but smooth and NOT bitter. Come experience the best tasting
espresso and learn to enjoy rich, creamy deliciousness.

m) If you had an uncle from Italy that loved to cook, and did it well, that would be Massimo. He loves making people happy and making delicious, traditional, Italian home-cooked food. You should only expect good authentic Italian food, great conversation, happy friends, good wine, and knowing someone is watching out for what you eat.

Our rule: Start with great product, treat it carefully, make it delicious changing it as little as possible.

We are your friends and neighbors. Welcome to our house. Sit down *(virtually) and enjoy some good food with us. Everyone will feel better about it.

Don’t eat to live, live to eat.

Buon Appetito!


1) Se siete venuti in cerca di buon cibo sano... siete nel posto giusto.

2) Se non ti aspetti che i tuoi avanzi durino 2 settimane nel rinvio... sei nel posto giusto.

3) Se pensate che gli idrocarburi policiclici aromatici non rendano il vostro alimento il sapore migliore... siete nel giusto posto.

4) Se credi che il mais "Roundup® Ready" non sia buono da mangiare... sei nel posto giusto.

5) se capisci che il cibo di buona qualità è necessario per una buona salute... allora di sicuro sei nel posto giusto.

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